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Adobe Experience Platform with Apache Airflow & Kafka, Events, Tools, & More

Welcome to Issue #9 of the AEM.News Letter - featuring Adobe Experience Platform & Apache Airflow & Kafka, with all the events, news and updates from the week

Joshua Zeltman
Joshua Zeltman

"No-Code" Core Components Course Update

Last week we soft-launched the "No-Code" Core Components Course here at AEM.News and we'd like to shout out our pre-release subscribers for making the course possible!

In the past week we began the section about Rapid Prototyping in AEM with an Introduction to Rapid Prototyping. Alongside that, we also published an a piece on using BEM CSS architecture with Tailwind CSS, providing an overview of both approaches and how to use them together. And most importantly, how you can use them to ensure a successful implementation of your design and brand within AEM.

“No-Code” Core Components Course
There’s never been a better time to build websites due to the abundance ofoptions available and as a result the ‘no-code’ and ‘lean-code’ offerings aretransforming how products get made and business gets done. The Adobe Experience Manager is as powerful as it is complex which hasprohibited it’s …
Become a premium-subscriber to get pre-release access to the course!

We are building the course in public and excited about getting your feedback about where you'd like us to focus first, and what other topics you'd like to be covered.

📅 Events this Week

There's a bunch of great events and webinars to attend this week with something for everyone:

Events this Week: 9-13 November 2020
There’s a bunch of great events and webinars to attend this week with something for everyone: Campaign, AEM Cloud, Magento, AEP, & More
Read more about this week's events

Tuesday, 10 November

Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service Virtual Event - with Jim Vogel & Josh Oransky | 10:00-10:45

Wednesday, 11 November

Adobe Campaign Classic’s October Release – What’s New and Best Practices with Shaun McCran | 8:00-9:00

AEP: Architecture for Now and the Future - with Jerry Helou & Dave Bilbrough | 11:00-12:00

Thursday, 12 November

How to Leverage the Power Adobe Experience Platform & ServiceNow in your Organization - with Pradeep Sharma & Sharath Lagisetty | 8:00-9:00 | Featured Event

Preventing Site Issues with Magento Managed Alerts - with Megan Harron & Barnet Hellman | 8:00-9:00

Friday, 13 November

Breaking the Content Silos – Marcomm & Techcomm - with Divraj Singh | 10:00-11:00

Adobe Experience Cloud for Public Sector | 11:00-12:00

📰 News

Adobe to Acquire Workfront

Adobe has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Workfront, the leading work management platform for marketers. The combination of Experience Cloud and Workfront will bring efficiency, collaboration, and productivity gains to marketing teams everywhere.

🔧 Tools


WebSight.Admin is a performant tool suite that makes executing your day to day AEM/Sling administrative tasks quick and painless. There are tools for the Package Manager, Groovy Console, User Manager, & Resource Browser. Learn More →

Cloud Manager meets Jenkins

Wojciech Blachowski | Cognifide

The introduction of AEM as a Cloud Service marks a new era in the world of AEM development. This post provides a tutorial of integrating Cloud Manager, a new CI/CD tool from Adobe, with existing Jenkins-based approaches to code deployment. Keep Reading →

BEM & Tailwind

CSS - like many things in the world of programming - is difficult to organize, name, and maintain. This scales dramatically through the lifecycle of a project. This article discusses two popular methods to wrangle your CSS: BEM and Tailwind. Get Styling

Introducing Adobe Experience Platform’s New Digital Experience Blueprints

Kevin Cobourn, Nick Hecht, Jody Arthur

In this post, Adobe Experience Platform introduces Digital Experience Blueprints — a whole new way to learn and understand how you can use its technology to build incredible customer experiences. Learn More →

What are JavaScript Dynamic Imports and how to use them?

Tushar Mane | Initialize

Dynamic imports or Code Splitting is the practice of breaking up your JavaScript modules into smaller bundles and loading them dynamically at runtime to improve and increase the performance of your website dramatically. Get Speedy

How to Choose the Right Approach When Creating Adobe Target Offers

Paul Rohrbeck | Bounteous
Deciding where to create personalized experiences with AEM and Adobe Target can be confusing. We’ve created an overview and decision chart that helps you make a better choice. Now the question is when to leverage the integration and when does it make sense to use the Target interface instead. Learn How →

Adobe Customer Journey Management’s Journey into the World of GitOps

Seung Kim Marco Massenzio

The topic of CI (Continuous Integration) and CD (Continuous Deployment) is one of the most hotly debated across organizations and development communities.  This post details Adobe Customer Journey Management (CJM) CI/CD discovery, architecture, and our learnings. Keep Reading →

🌟 Adobe Experience Platform with Apache Airflow & Kafka

Featured this week is a series of articles about the Adobe Experience Platform and Apache Airflow & Kafka.

Adobe Experience Platform is an open system that transforms all your data —Adobe and non-Adobe — into robust customer profiles that update in real time and uses AI-driven insights to help you to deliver the right experiences across every channel. Under the hood it uses Apache Airflow to power the scheduler and execution engine and Apache Kafka to connect solutions.

Some definitions for those new to Airflow and Kafka:

  • Airflow is a platform to programmatically author, schedule and monitor workflows.
  • Kafka is an event streaming platform for high-performance data pipelines & integration, streaming analytics, and mission-critical applications.

Why is this important for the Experience Manager community?

Businesses want to provide the best customer experience possible, and to do that, they want to provide personalized experiences and content that connects their products and customers together like never before.

Perhaps you won't be working directly with Experience Platform systems, but your clients and their businesses are most likely already using AEP or want to. And more importantly, they want the insights provided by this data and AI/ML insights.

The most relevant features of the Experience Platform for those focused in the Experience Manager space will likely be via data collection through Adobe Analytics and personalization with Adobe Target & Launch. One of the Experience Platform's key selling points is about it's ability for high-throughput and real-time data crunching to connect the right content or offer to the customer. Additionally, for the developers in the audience, there's a lot of discussion of scaling Azure and Kubernetes that might be of interest.

  1. Adobe Experience Platform Orchestration Service with Apache Airflow
  2. Adobe Experience Platform’s Setup for Apache Airflow on Kubernetes
  3. Adobe Experience Platform Insights on Achieving High Scale Using Apache Airflow
  4. Adobe Experience Platform Pipeline Cost Management: A Case Study
  5. Rate Limiting in Pipeline: High Quality of Service at Millions of Requests/Second
  6. Adopting Modern CI/CD Practices for Adobe Experience Platform Pipeline
  7. How Adobe Experience Platform Pipeline Became the Cornerstone of In-Flight Processing for Adobe
  8. Creating the Adobe Experience Platform Pipeline with Kafka
  9. Apache Kafka: The Definitive Guide - Free eBook
  10. Adobe Experience Platform Meetups

📢 Credits, Contributors & Speakers


Joshua Zeltman

Joshua Zeltman is an Experience Technologist, AEM Rockstar finalist, and founder of AEM.News with more than six years of experience working within the AEM ecosystem.


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