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Managing Millions of Mutations per second & Tons of Tools

This week's News Letter is jam-packed with tools and articles to simplify AEM development and improve your customer experience through personalized content

Joshua Zeltman
Joshua Zeltman

📖 'No-Code' Core Components Course Update

If you want to learn about Rapid Prototyping in AEM with Core Components then you'll be excited for the upcoming releases this week. I've been hard at work on 'Starting with Content', 'Why was Rapid Prototyping difficult in AEM before Core Components?', and 'Getting Setup to Prototype with the AEM Maven Archetype'. Stay tuned for the latest, or check out the already published Introduction to Rapid Prototyping  →

“No-Code” Core Components Course
There’s never been a better time to build websites due to the abundance ofoptions available and as a result the ‘no-code’ and ‘lean-code’ offerings aretransforming how products get made and business gets done. The Adobe Experience Manager is as powerful as it is complex which hasprohibited it’s …

📅 Events this Week

There's a bunch of great events and webinars to attend this week with something for everyone: Digital Foundation Blueprint Best Practices, Magento Technical Workshop, Custom Apps with Project Firefly & more

Adobe Experience Cloud Events for November 16-20
There’s a bunch of great events and webinars to attend this week with something for everyone: Digital Foundation Blueprint Best Practices, Magento Technical Workshop, Custom Apps with Project Firefly & more

Monday 16

Tuesday 17

Wednesday 18

Thursday 19

🔧 Tools

Aspect-Oriented Programming with Adobe Experience Manager

Albin Issac

Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a programming paradigm that aims to increase modularity by allowing the separation of cross-cutting concerns. This allows behaviors that are not central to the business logic (such as logging) to be added to a program without cluttering the core functionality.

Apache Sling Pipes: Real World Examples

Kaushal Mall

Do you want to move your AEM tags from /etc/tags to /content/cq:tags? Do you want to update the cq:designPath property across 1,000s of pages is AEM because the design was moved from /etc/design to /apps/settings? Have you heard about Sling Pipes but can’t find any real world examples on how to make it happen in AEM? Read on for three real world scenarios that will hopefully help you unlock the power Sling Pipes for most of your use cases.

AEM Stubs

Tool for providing sample data for AEM applications in a simple and flexible way. Stubbing server on AEM, no separate needed.

APMT - AEM Permission Matrix Tester

APMT (AEM Permission Matrix Tester) is a new library built on top of JUnit5 that powers permission test cases with little effort. Check out the article →

AEM Gradle Plugin

Swiss army knife for Adobe Experience Manager related automation. Environment setup & incremental AEM application build which takes seconds, not minutes.

Journey XD Plugin

When this was posted, the Journey Plugin for Adobe XD video demo was available, but it has since been removed. I've reached out to Adobe for another link

How Adobe Does Millions of Records per Second Using Apache Spark Optimizations

Yeshwanth Vijayakumar, Vineet Sharma, Sandeep Nawathe

With Adobe Experience Platform Real-time Customer Profile, you can see a holistic view of each individual customer that combines data from multiple channels. However, that data processing can be intense and require optimization to make it cost effective and data rich. This post - adapted from this Spark Summit 2020 Talk - describes optimization techniques done to scale throughput using Apache Spark.

Developing the Journey Plugin for Adobe XD

Ashish Kumar Gupta

Creating mockups of customer journeys can provided a powerful communication tool to share and sell ideas. Customer Journeys made with Adobe XD have never been easier with the new Journey Plugin. Check out this interesting article on how the Journey Plugin for Adobe XD was created by using the XD APIs and React JS.

Blueprint for Audience Activation in Adobe Experience Platform

Jaemi Bremner, Kevin Cobourn, Nick Hecht, Kyle Morehouse, Jody Arthur

How many times have you bought something online, only to continue seeing ads for that product after you've made your purchase? By using Audience Activation in the Experience Platform, you can deliver the right content to the right customer. Instead of trying to sell them something they purchased, the Audience Activation Blueprint can adjust targeting for complementary products to better meet your customer's needs.

Extend and Customize AEM Component Action Toolbar

Uday Patel | Initialyze

Extending and Customizing the Component Action Toolbar is a frequent requirement in custom AEM implementations. This post provides a step-by-step guide for how to do so cleanly and efficiently.

What Is CI/CD² (CI/CD Square)? Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery & Destruction

Shikha Chawla

Without proper monitoring and care, Continuous Integration and Deployment can be costly. When we create CI/CD, we need to pay attention to the cost factor and help with clean up/destruction. Shikha calls it Continuation Integration and Deployment and Continuous Destruction. This article discusses the benefits of this approach and why you should add it to your development cycle today.

Make integrations simple

Damian Mierzwiński | Cognifide

Integrations are the most costly and complex part of doing custom AEM development. Is there a silver bullet that can address issues like flaky tests, unstable environments and non-trivial bugs that slow down the development? This article explains how you can save time and money with a variety of tactics for automated integration testing.

Audience Segmentation with Predictive Audiences

Alexandra Quick

Audience segmentation is universal challenge for all marketers. But soon with Predictive Audiences for Marketo Engage you will be able to maximize registrations and attendance for events, minimize opt-outs, replicate success from one program to the next, and optimize in-flight with intelligent recommendations.

Five Best Practices for AEM Overlays

Theo Pendle

AEM offers two ways to customize out-of-the-box resources: Overlays & Overrides. Overlays allow you to re-define existing resources (i.e.: replace current behaviour), whereas Overrides which allow you to extend existing resources (i.e.: add new behaviour). Want to overlay like a boss? Learn best practices for Overlays including: surgical overlays, avoiding overlaying files, making a no-change first commit, setting your code apart, & separating customizations from projects.

Fast and easy AEM deployment in the cloud

Łukasz Ogrodowczyk & Bartłomiej Gątarski | Cognified

Deployment of AEM in the cloud does not have to be complex and time-consuming. This article describes a novel approach to AEM setup in the cloud using Gradle AEM plugin (GAP) supported by Terraform for the infrastructure and Ansible for configuration management.

💼 Jobs

Jobs Report Summary:


Focus GTS


Iksula - AEM Developer - Grand Rapids

Infosys - Senior Adobe Analytics Developer(Remote)

ClearBridge Technology Group - Remote AEM Developer or Architect

Intone Networks - AEM Frontend Developer

FinTech LLC - AEM Front end Developer

Hero Digital - Senior Front-End Developer

See full descriptions of the available positions →

Jobs Report: 16 November 2020
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📢 Credits, Contributors & Speakers

The AEM News Letter would not be possible without all of the amazing contributors. A special shout out to those included this week:

Albin Issac, Yeshwanth Vijayakumar, Vineet Sharma, Sandeep Nawathe, Ashish Kumar Gupta, Jaemi Bremner, Kevin Cobourn, Nick Hecht, Kyle Morehouse, Jody Arthur, Dan Klco, Uday Patel, Shikha Chawla, Tushar Mane, Nikhil Kumar, Damian Mierzwiński, Karthik Muralidharan, Hoon Yoo, Manik Jindal, Sarah Xu, Matt Skinner, Kaushal Mall, Theo Pendle, Alexandra Quick, Marcin Jędraszczyk, Łukasz Ogrodowczyk, Bartłomiej Gątarski


Joshua Zeltman

Joshua Zeltman is an Experience Technologist, AEM Rockstar finalist, and founder of AEM.News with more than six years of experience working within the AEM ecosystem.


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