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Code your Test Content, Videos, Webinars, & News

This week's News Letter is has some great videos and webinars, along with interesting articles, and the latest news

Joshua Zeltman
Joshua Zeltman

📖 'No-Code' Core Components Course Update

This week made great progress on the Rapid Prototyping section of the 'No-Code' Core Components Course. 'Why Start With Content?' was published and helps explain why you shouldn't use Lorem Ipsum and how your content should drive design and development decision making. 'Building a Content Skeleton' was also published and discusses how Core Components enable us to use our content to build out a site skeleton from which we can iterate our design to success.

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“No-Code” Core Components Course
There’s never been a better time to build websites due to the abundance ofoptions available and as a result the ‘no-code’ and ‘lean-code’ offerings aretransforming how products get made and business gets done. The Adobe Experience Manager is as powerful as it is complex which hasprohibited it’s …

📅 Events this Week

This week is pretty light on events as the United States has the Thanksgiving holiday and several days off. Happy Turkey day to those celebrating. And a great question for all of us: What are you thankful for this year?

What’s New with Adobe Campaign? - with Owen Taffinder

Friday 27 | 10:00-11:00 | Register

Learn the new capabilities of Adobe Campaign following the latest October releases for Standard and Classic.

📰 News

Close the Year Strong

Adobe Experience Manager customer stories, product updates and sales tools will help you cross the finish line. Customer success stories to help you close the deal with prospective clients. Product updates to the Project Archetype, Adobe Sensei-powered Video Smart Tagging, Brand Portal download enhancements, updates to the Adobe Asset Link for Creative Cloud 2021, and New GraphQL Capabilities for Headless Content Delivery.

Industry Resources to Address New Challenges, Shifting Priorities

"Your clients and prospects face different challenges and shifting priorities as a result of the pandemic. To help you sell during this time, Adobe has added new resources to four industries in the Industries page of the Portal. These resources include customer pitch decks, customer stories and videos, on-demand webinars, white papers, and more."

Adobe Target - A Need for Speed

Your clients want you to help them deliver optimized customer experiences on their website, apps, and every other digital touchpoint their customers use to connect with their brand. Adobe Target helps you do that for them using A/B testing and personalization of customer experiences with new on-device decisioning.

Adobe Analytics Fall Release Now Available

Highlights from the 2020 Fall Release: Increased Insight-to-Action, Higher Resolution Insights, Self-serve Data Deletion, Improved Analysis Experience, and Strengthened Engagement Analysis.

📺 Videos & Webinars

How Adobe Does 2 Million Records Per Second Using Apache Spark!

Following up from last week's edition, here is this a related video of how Adobe manages millions of records per second with Apache Spark from Spark Summit 2020.

CXC November 2020 Event: Adobe and ServiceNow Integration

I've been researching the Adobe Experience Platform. Reading about all the tech powering it. And I've been very impressed. But seeing it in action impressed me even more. This recent webinar shows a great example of integrating Adobe Experience Platform with ServiceNow to create a great customer experience.

Showcasing Best Practices with AEM Digital Foundation Blueprint – Meet the Winners of the Lean Code Contest

Solutions Partners only | Requires Adobe Connect

Check out this webinar if you want to see the winners of the Lean Code Contest. Some very interesting ideas of how to quickly implement a design with Core Components.

Achieving Personalized Asset Navigation with DAM Views For Adobe Experience Manager Assets

A successful digital asset management (DAM) system like Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets begins with a well thought out and comprehensive Information Architecture which improves asset velocity and overall speed to market. Watch this webinar on-demand from Bounteous as they reveal a personalized asset navigation system, DAM Views for AEM Assets.

AEM & Launch Integration Tips with Analytics & Target

AEM & Launch - How to get the most out of Adobe Launch when integrating with Adobe Experience Manager. Both have been out for some time, but here is your chance to learn best practices. Danny Gordon will walk us through Adobe Analytics & Target integration with some great demos!

How Adobe Does Millions of Records per Second Using Apache Spark Optimizations — Part 2

Part 1 of this series of posts covered how to apply some Spark optimizations to Structured Streaming Workloads. In Part 2, this blog details how to optimize Interactive Query Evaluation workloads on top of Apache Spark.

Event serialization

Custom events are the way to track metrics in Adobe Analytics. In general, you want a metric to increase or decrease depending on the user’s behavior. However, you may only want it to happen under certain circumstances. More importantly, you do not want to write complex code to manage that. Learn how to get the most accurate metrics through some best practices offered in this article.

Creating Regression Test Content Using AEM Content Builder

How many hours have you or your team wasted creating developer or tester content? Too many. I personally have grappled with this before and can assure you it's a non-trivial problem. This article demonstrates the newly updated AEM Content Builder npm package and how it can be used to create and author test content via the Sling POST Servlet and some JavaScript. Get the code

Debug Adobe Launch on Any Browsers with Charles

It’s critical to be able to test your Adobe Launch code before publishing. But it can be difficult in browsers with poor tooling. Charles to the rescue!

Terraform on AWS Cloud: Manage Infrastructure as a Code

Deployment and infrastructure management is not a simple process. This article covers the advantages of Terraform, as well as the categories and best practices used to manage infrastructure on AWS cloud.

Cool Approximate Count Distinct Use Cases – Adobe Analytics Tips

One of the things that really sets Adobe Analytics apart from other solutions is the ability to create sophisticated Calculated Metrics and Segments on the fly. You don’t need to be a highly trained Analyst or Data Scientist to create your very own set of Measures and Dimensions unique to your business question. Approximate Count Distance functionality allows us to count how many different values from a dimension we tracked and use that number in both Calculated Metrics and Segments (making this function the closest we have to calculated metrics in segments).

The Future of Adobe Experience Platform Auditor

Over the last decade Adobe has acquired a number companies to help you deliver top-notch customer experiences. Each of these companies came with their own data collection infrastructure which led to complex and oftentimes disjointed implementations. Over the last three years Adobe has re imagined how data collection at scale should be done. They have pulled together individuals from across the business that have worked on validation tools for Adobe solutions onto a single team to deliver some exciting new features and products that are coming soon!

💼 Jobs

Check out the Jobs Report this week for more than forty great opportunities at Bounteous, ICF Next, Initialyze, and TA Digital.

Jobs Report: 23 November
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📢 Credits, Contributors & Speakers

The AEM News Letter would not be possible without all of the amazing contributors. A special shout out to those included this week:

Owen Taffinder,  Krzysztof Ryk, Yeshwanth Vijayakumar, Vineet Sharma, Sandeep Nawathe, Doug Ross, Samuel Kutscha, Brett Birschbach, Paul McAleer, Daniel Coll, Kaushal Mall, Amit Mehar, Frederik Werner, Pedro Monjo, Wouter Van Geluwe, Pradeep Sharma, Sharath Chandra, Amit Gadhia, Abhijeet Khadilkar, Danny Gordon


Joshua Zeltman

Joshua Zeltman is an Experience Technologist, AEM Rockstar finalist, and founder of AEM.News with more than six years of experience working within the AEM ecosystem.


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