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Products for AEM DevX, AEMCS Migration Guide, & More

Joshua Zeltman
Joshua Zeltman

Welcome to Issue 3 of the AEM NewsLetter

As always we try to bring you a good mix of in depth articles and quick tutorials. In this issue we've got some detailed articles about migrating to AEM as a Cloud Service, debugging difficult bugs and more. There's also a few articles about products that you might not have used to improve your AEM developer experience. Don't forget that adaptTo() 2020 is this week, and so is ApacheCon!

Announcing the new process to submit Experience Manager Feature Requests

Kautuk Sahni | Adobe Experience League Community

Adobe annouces the new FeatureBit, to provide a new avenue for customers and partners to submit Requests for Feature Enhancements (RFEs) via the Experience League. The new change will bring increased participation of the Product Management team to customer and partner ideas, and a change from Adobe Support to the Adobe Community to submit new ideas and requests.

AEM Cloud Service: How to move to the cloud step by step

Samuel Schmitt | one inside

If you're interested in how to implement AEM as a Cloud Service, this article guides us through the factors to consider when migrating to AEM as a Cloud Service, the benefits for clients, and provides a step-by-step project plan. Along the way you'll learn some great talking points for selling your clients on the cloud vs classic implementation of AEM.

Simple AEM Granite Order Widget (Draggable List)

Ahmed Musallam | Perficient

In this quick tutorial we learn how to add support for drag-and-drop reordering of a list within the AEM Author Environment using Coral UI 3, a little bit of JSP, and the Coral UI Table component.

AEM and Solr – 6 Reasons to Use Managed Solr Service

Tom Humbarger | Searchstax

Although AEM provides out-of-the-box indexing and search services via Jackrabbit Oak, sometimes project requirements necessitate a more robust solution. Solr is often a great choice in those scenarios and this article discusses why, and more specifically, why using Managed Solr can be an excellent solution for your project needs.

With HTL, Pass Data from AEM Backend to Javascript


Passing data between backend and frontend is a common task, with multiple solutions. This article shows how to do so using Sling Models, HTL and some JavaScript.

AEM 6.5: Removing ClientLibs from Experience Fragments exported to Target

Todd J. Haser

Experience Fragments can be very powerful within AEM. However there are times when customization is needed to deliver the content in specific ways. This tutorial shows us how we can remove the extraneous markup from an experience fragment when needed by leveraging Sling Selectors and some custom htl templates.

Are JCR Nodes and Sling Resources the same?

MichaΕ‚ Cukierman | Dynamic Solutions

Everything is a resource! If you've ever been confused about Sling resources, this article is for you. Discussing the differences between Sling Resources and the JCR, and also a quick introduction into the WebSight.Admin tool, which allows users to browse all registered resources, including the 3 Sling Resources, and the 9 AEM Resources that come out-of-the-box.

Debugging AEM: A Primer

Joey Smith | AEMHQ

We have all experienced a frustrating bug when using AEM, and if not, just wait until it's your turn. Digging into the guts of AEM can be confusing at times, and this article provides a detailed walkthrough of debugging an unexpected bug, with some tips to help your future debugging efforts

ApacheCon 2020 | Sep 29 - Oct 1, 2020

ApacheCon kicks off September 29 with 3 days of Keynotes and 20+ tracks and hundreds of talks on topics from Big Data, Fintech, Internet of Things, Machine Learning and more. Registration is free and all of the talks are going to be online.

adaptTo() 2020 | 28th - 30th September 2020

adaptTo() is Europe's leading conference for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and the open source stack Apache Sling, Apache Felix and Apache Jackrabbit Oak. This year adaptTo() is 3 days of 35 talks and 3 workshops with 300+ attendees from all over Europe and the World. Checkout their YouTube for all the videos from previous conferences


Joshua Zeltman

Joshua Zeltman is an Experience Technologist, AEM Rockstar finalist, and founder of AEM.News with more than six years of experience working within the AEM ecosystem.


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