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An astonishing 2.5 trillion PDFs are created every year. The PDF Viewer Core Component integrates with the PDF Embed API to beautifully present your content

Joshua Zeltman
Joshua Zeltman

According to the PDF association, an astonishing 2.5 trillion PDFs are created every year. To improve the experience of consuming all this data stored in PDFs, the PDF Viewer Component was added in June to Core Components and supports integration with the Adobe PDF Embed API.

This article guides us through the process of getting setup with the PDF Embed API which will be necessary for embedding your PDFs in AEM. To follow up, here's a walkthrough of using your PDFs in AEM with the PDF Viewer Component integrated with the PDF Embed API.

Next you might be interested in getting some Document Analytics about the PDFs you've added to your site to help you uncover unique data and actionable insights. This post explains the technology and the often-missed nuances of a document analytics implementation while also covering the best practices from successful real-world deployments.

And if that wasn't enough, perhaps you want to add offline or downloadable support for the PDFs on your site. This article provides the steps on how to programmatically enable Reader Extension to a PDF file using AEM Forms APIs.

Contributing Authors: Ben Vanderberg, Suvadeep Dey, Deepak Kar | Adobe Tech Blog

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Joshua Zeltman

Joshua Zeltman is an Experience Technologist, AEM Rockstar finalist, and founder of AEM.News with more than six years of experience working within the AEM ecosystem.


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