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Let's get analytical and integrate all of the things

Joshua Zeltman
Joshua Zeltman

Welcome to Issue 5 of the AEM NewsLetter

It's a day later than usual, but we've doubled content to make up for it with our biggest issue yet!  This edition is packed with exciting tools, events, great articles, and it's our first issue to include articles focused on the broader Adobe Experience ecosystem. We've got some great articles on Analytics, Personalization, Campaigns, and integrating the Adobe Experience ecosystem together. A packed week of new releases and tools to improve the developer experience, and the week to come is full of great partner portal events and Adobe Max next week.

We hope you like the new additions and as much as we have enjoyed researching them for you. As always our goal is to help you stay on top of the vast amount of information and resources available within the Adobe Experience Ecosystem through curated content and timely updates.

If you'd like to see a specific topic covered, or have suggestions for other sources you'd like to see us cover, please comment below and let us know. Leave us a comment and let us know what you think :)


Adobe XD extension for VS Code coming 20 October

Design Systems are the link between Design and Development. To build a successful, tailored, and widely adopted system, both designers and developers need to have a seat at the table. On 20 October designers and developers will be able to use the new Adobe XD extension for VS Code to create shareable Design System Packages (DSP) that contain all the information developers need to consume while coding.

AEMIDE released for IntelliJ - AEMIDE

AEMIDE has released the new version of their plugin for IntelliJ on the JetBrains Marketplace with eleven new features and four bug fixes. Write code blazingly fast thanks to code completions, live templates, code inspections, refactoring support and more. And every feature is aware of your AEM version so all docs and code assistance are accurate.

Curly released v2.0

Curly is a multi-threaded task runner for AEM maintenance operations. It is meant to supplement and/or replace the traditional use of cURL commands. With release of v2.0 Curly moves to Java 11, with a self-contained jar, and 4x faster bulk processing due to improved connection authentication handling.

Performance Budget Calculator

I want my site to load in ___ seconds on a _________ connection.

If you're building a web experience and want to stay fast, a performance budget can be critical. For success, embrace performance budgets and learn to live within them. Network & CPU limits on mobile can require asking hard questions like, "what is really important to my users?" The Performance Budget Calculator is a simple tool to visualize the performance budget to meet your requirements.

React Spectrum 3.4.0 Released

The React Spectrum Libraries are a collection of libraries and tools that help you build adaptive, accessible, and robust user experiences. React Spectrum is a React implementation of Spectrum, Adobe’s design system which provides adaptive, accessible, and cohesive experiences for all Adobe applications. In the latest release two new components - DialogContainer and Tooltip - were released, along with a slew of new features and bugfixes

Adobe Solution Partner Events

Marketo Engage and Bizible Integration – Enabling Everytouch Marketing Attribution - with Bob Conklin, Alex Kilby, & Marge Trinh

Tuesday 13 October | 8:00-9:00 PST | Adobe Solution Partner Acceleration Event

What happens when you connect two of B2B marketers’ favorite marketing technologies? Pure magic! Learn about Adobe’s new native integration between Marketo Engage and Bizible and how it helps marketers up their game at a time when attribution has never been more important.

Integrating Analytics and Campaign to Catch Dropped Customers with Triggers - with Shaun McCran

Wednesday 14 October | 8:00-9:00 PST | Adobe Solution Partner Acceleration Event

In this interactive Analytics and Campaign session we will build a cross-channel marketing solution powered with real-time insights with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Campaign. We will use a real-world example of a common Use Case, the dropped basket, to demonstrate the power and flexibility of Experience Cloud Triggers.

Digital Asset Management with Adobe Experience Manager - with Naa-Oboshie Alexander-Reindorf & Owen Harris

Thursday 15 October | 1:00-2:30 EST | Adobe Solution Partner Acceleration Event

Join us to learn about the core features of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets and Adobe Experience Cloud (AEC). We will discuss the value of a Digital Asset Management to your Public Sector customers. In this session, you will learn about AEM Assets how it will improve their current asset workflows, management of version and renditions, and ensuring that the correct asset (version, ie latest Approved, and rendition, ie Mobile optimized) is delivered to their constituent for the optimized experience.

Adobe Experience Cloud + Marketo - with Josh Rosenthal

Friday 16 October | 11:00-12:00 EST | Adobe Solution Partner Acceleration Event

Join us to learn how Marketo is being integrated into the Adobe Experience Cloud. This session will cover existing integrations and use cases leveraging the power of Adobe Experience Cloud and Marketo.

Submissions for the Digital Foundation Blueprint: Lean Code Contest are due Friday 16 October

The Digital Foundation Blueprint’s set of best practices and core components are guaranteed to make your Experience Manager implementations and migrations faster and more seamless. Try it out in our Lean Code Contest, a no-risk way to practice putting Blueprint into action before you use it for an upcoming implementation.

To participate, you must be a registered member of the Adobe Solution Partner Program, Bronze level or above. While this contest is targeted toward partners in developer or architect roles, anyone who builds websites may participate.


HTML5 Audio Tracking Using Adobe Launch

Rajan Gnanashekar | Adobe Tech Blog

As the podcast industry continues to grow so does the need for better analytics and tracking of how audiences engage with the content created. This post shows how to set up Adobe Analytics with HTML5 Audio using Adobe Launch via some markup data-attributes and some Rules and Beacon actions in Launch.

Preventing Canceled Adobe Analytics Beacons Using s.useBeacon

John Simmons | Bounteous

While a somewhat rare occurrence, canceled analytics beacons can be a frustrating and troublesome issue. Differences in internet connection, page complexity and more can create race conditions that difficulty in reproducing the issue, let alone fix it. If the tracked actions fire multiple rules or cause the page to unload quickly, it might be worth looking into using asynchronous beacons instead of the default synchronous beacons. This post will guide you through the implementation and the pros and cons of this approach.

Integrating Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager - Video


This quick video provides an overview of the integration of Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager to power email Campaigns. AEM's visual editor provides a great way to author email content and when connected with Adobe Campaign can be used to personalize your email content through Personalization Blocks and integrating campaign variables and schemas to author your content.

Integrating Adobe Experience Platform Decisioning Engine with AEM Websites

Varun Rawat & Ankur Taneja | Adobe Tech Blog

Personalized experiences better connect businesses to customers, which has made the delivery of authentic, useful, and targeted experiences essential. The AEP Decisioning Service connected with AEM provides the capability to create personalized, optimized, and orchestrated experiences. This post guides us step-by-step on how to setup the Decisioning Service and integrate with AEM to deliver the great experience customers want and that businesses want to deliver

Solving Implementation Pain Points with Adobe Experience Platform Web SDK and Edge Network

Aaron Hardy | Adobe Tech Blog

As Adobe has grown its portfolio of marketing technologies, the technical complexity has grown with it due to various disparate acquisitions. This meant multiple JavaScript libraries, server endpoints, databases, etc. The Adobe Experience Platform aims to reduce this complexity to create a more unified experience to implementation. This article discussion many of the pain points you might have experienced, and how the new unified JavaScript SDK, documentation, browser extensions, and Edge Network will help alleviate the pain and improve your implementation experience.

How to generate intelligent renditions with AEM as a Cloud Service

Marcin Czeczko | Cognifide

The announcement of AEM as a Cloud Service came with many exciting new features including the new Asset Microservice. This article guides us on how to leverage the new Asset microservice to create intelligent renditions of your assets by processing them with imgIX to create customized cropping, overlays, face detection and more.

AEM Dispatcher Experiments - Effect of enableTTL

Bruce Lefebvre | Adobe Github

Performant websites are vital to delivering excellent customer experiences. The Dispatcher v4.1.11+ in AEM 6.5 and AEM as a Cloud Service can be configured to utilize Time-to-live (or TTL) techniques to improve caching of your site. In this experiment writeup, we learn about using TTL effectively and some examples to help better understand the implications for your application.

Using Project Lombok in AEM Sling Models | AEM 6.5 | Java 11

Nikhil Kumar

As Bill Gates said: “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it." Project Lombok helps you be a lazier - a.k.a. more efficient - developer through Automatic Resource Management, automatic generation of getters, setters, equals, hashCode and toString, and more. This tutorial shows how to get started using Project Lombok quickly and simply.

React SPA Dynamic Media Smart Crop Image Component

Sreekanth Choudry Nalabotu | Experience AEM

Accessing image renditions is simple enough using HTL, but what if you want to do so in an AEM SPA implementation? This article shows how to create a custom cropped image renditions, how to access them through Sling Models, and then map the data in React using the cq-react-editable-components.

Project Firefly How-To — Projects and Workspaces

Project Firefly is a complete framework to build and deploy custom web apps in minutes on Adobe's serverless platform. This article - and video - talks about how you can leverage and set up projects and workspaces to best supplement your development needs. It also goes through the differences between your projects in the I/O Console and Exchange, and getting setup with CI/CD workflows.


Analytics Engineer

Full Time | Remote | Gorilla Group

Gorilla Group is looking for an Analytics Engineer to join our growing Insights team. The ideal candidate will deliver innovative technical solutions which solve data and analytics challenges. Analytics Engineers work with our Insights Technical Leads on Gorilla Group's data and analytics projects, including data layer architecture and implementation, data analysis and modelling, tag management configuration and coding, data lake integration, and analytics QA.

Sr. AEM Architect (Adobe Experience Manager)

Full Time | Irving, Texas, USA | Dice Recruiting Client

Sr AEM Technical Architect will play a vital role in the architecture design, testing and deployment of Adobe Digital Marketing solutions, including but not limited to Adobe Experience Management, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Target. You will work closely with product owners, developers, system administrators, project managers, business analysts to build a Digital Platform using Adobe's Digital Marketing products.

Adobe Experience Manager Lead

Full Time | Remote - South Burlington, Vermont, USA | TMG

We are looking for an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Lead to help provide guidance and leadership for ongoing and new projects. The primary role of the AEM Lead is to deliver enterprise level solutions via in-depth analysis, consulting and implementations.

Front End Developer

Full Time | San Jose, California, USA | Adobe

The Marketing and Web Platform Engineering team is looking for a front-end developer to implement highly productive automation tools that enable engineering teams to quickly adopt CI/CD process. Candidates should be quick learners, with attention to detail and the courage of their convictions to allow them to advocate on behalf of the customer when communicating with other members of the team.


Joshua Zeltman

Joshua Zeltman is an Experience Technologist, AEM Rockstar finalist, and founder of AEM.News with more than six years of experience working within the AEM ecosystem.


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