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AEM Sites Initialyzer : Build Experiences of Tomorrow, Today!

AEM Community
AEM Community

There are several challenges most companies face when it comes to their AEM implementations

  1. AEM Implementations are complex!  
  2. Finding good AEM Developers is practically impossible
  3. Keeping your team and components up-to-date with newest AEM features is a challenge
  4. Agreeing on requirements and solutions across departments can get messy  
  5. Everything needs to be delivered “YESTERDAY”
AEM Sites Initialyzer - Accelerate your experiences with an AEM Design System
Introducing AEM Sites Initialyzer - A turn-key library of AEM components that provide fast time-to-market solutions for most common requirements. Initialyzer’s provide accelerator frameworks and foundation blueprint for implementing a Design System in AEM, Blogs, Resource Center, Event Gateways and …
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AEM Community

The AEM Community powers a large portion of the AEM.News, and without the community this site wouldn't be what it is today.


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